Cleaning Venetian blinds

Many house owners have venetian blinds installed in their homes these days. They serve their purpose just fine. You also have a big variety of types to choose from.

The problems come when it’s time to clean them. Because the blinds are so little and so many it is hard to remove the dust and dirt from each one of them. You cannot overlook the cleaning either because as dirt accumulates on the blinds the air that gets into the room will be more and more polluted.

The following cleaning procedures apply for venetian blinds but not for wooden ones as they are not resistant to water. The first step is to remove the blinds from the tracking.

To clean the blinds all together you have to place the blind into warm water mixed with ammonia solution, vinegar or detergents. After you do this, just leave them like that for a few hours until the dirt is completely disintegrated. Next, take a cloth, or better, put a clean sock in one hand and start washing the slats of the blind one by one. With the sock you can clean both sides in the same time.

When you finish this task too, rinse the blinds with clean water and put it somewhere to dry.

To avoid having to do such a thorough cleaning to the blinds, you have to maintain them clean every week. Follow these steps:

Every week clean the blinds one by one to remove the dust using a cotton glove and some ammonia solution. Another way to clean the blinds is by using the vacuum cleaner. Or you can try the one dry sock one wet sock technique. These procedures work very well with wooden blinds because they are more sensible to water and need to be kept clean.

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