Learn to install blinds on bow windows

The problem with bow windows is that they have a special curved shape, usually with at least four panels and this poses as a problem when searching to install blinds. You have to measure every window 0individually to obtain the best results.


First calculate the window’s widths accurately measuring between the casings.

2. Now calculate the lengths in the same way.

3. Now that you have the window’s measurements you can buy blinds that fit. You should only use horizontal blinds or roller shades.

4. The next step is to install the blinds according to the indications of the manufacturer.

5. First you have to locate where and how you will install the brackets. Place them inside the casing to see where they fit.

6. Insert a pencil in the bracket’s holes to mark them on the casing. Do this for all the sides.

7. Now when you want to install the brackets you just place them over the marks and drill the screws inside the holes to secure the bracket.

8. After you install all brackets you can insert the blinds into the brackets and cover them to keep the blinds secure.

9. Now test the blinds a little and see if everything looks fine.

10. Install the blinds the same way for the other remaining panels of the bow window.

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