About roll up window blinds

This type of blinds is representative by its ability to be rolled up when the blinds are not needed. They are formed by slats that keep the light out of the room, which can be of any material such as wood, plastic, fabric etc. Each material is better for a certain area.

For example, metal blinds are more suitable for outside use because of their resistance.  You can control the blinds using a cord that rotates the slats in the position you desire. There are two types of blinds: vertical and horizontal.

There are several types of roll up blinds and below it is a description of some of them:

Vinyl Blinds

This type of blinds, are most known for the easiness to clean and maintain them. This makes them versatile and many choose this type because of the increased durability.

Wooden Blinds

Wood is the material used for the slats in this type of blinds. Normally they are used with the natural color of wood, but if you prefer you can choose other colors as well. A similar type is the bamboo blinds.

Plastic Blinds

This type of blinds is more suitable with humid areas such as a bathroom or a kitchen because plastic doesn’t get affected by moisture.

These were just a few examples, but there are more for you to choose from such as the fabric blinds or faux wood blinds.

People use roll up blinds for the same reason as they use normal blinds: to keep the sun light away and to maintain privacy. They are also useful for energy saving in the winter and summer but you can also only use roll up blinds as decorative items.

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