Repairing vertical blinds

Many would say that a normal choice for vertical blinds is the sliding doors and windows. Vertical blinds are composed of 3 parts. The head rail from the top of the window, the slats of the blind and the chains that help with moving the slats.

There are some usual tears that occur in vertical blinds. For example the slats often get detached from their clips because of some damage or tearing. But this is not a big problem. A big problem would be if the head rail is damaged.

Repairing the slats

You cannot repair a broken slat but you can replace it. The first thing to do in this case is to remove the damaged slat. Simply detach it from the clip on the head rail to do this. Most often you will have to remove the chain that connects the slats after the broken one. Now, you can attach the new slat to the clip making sure it is positioned exactly as the rest of the slats. In the end, just reattach the chain to all the slats.

Repairing the head rail

Don’t try to repair the head rail by yourself unless the warranty for the blinds has expired. This is a difficult job. If you only have to replace the chain then yes, you can do it yourself. Otherwise don’t.

Now, to repair the head rail you have to first remove all the slats and the chain from it. Now install the new chain making sure it is in the same position as the old one. Then reattach the slats to the new chain. For any other repairmen we strongly recommend hiring a professional.

Repairing the clips

The clips that hold the slats are usually made of plastic and this make them break often. But this is not something to worry about as they can easily be replaced. Remove the broken clip from the head rail, and simply put a new one instead. Then just reconnect the slat to the clip and that’s it.

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