Blackout window blinds to darken rooms

Normal blinds have the purpose of blocking light and maintaining privacy in the room. Blackout blinds do this at the next level.

Blackout blinds do not only block some light from entering the room, they block the entire amount of light.

There are many types of room darkening window blinds and we will describe some of them below.

Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl makes the blind more resistant and more versatile as they can be found in any color. You can use them as decorative items but they are good darkeners too.

Cellular Blinds

Also named honeycomb blinds because of their structure, with cells attached together.

Roller Blinds

The materials used for this type are plastic and fabric, very easy to clean and maintain. Many people use this blackout blinds because they are very durable.

Wooden Blinds

Besides being more classy and traditional than others, they are also very effective with the darkening. Similar to those are the bamboo blinds.

Blackout blinds are used to block all sun light and this can be helpful in case you want to get more sleep and the sun glare is bothering you. Or maybe that glare is reflected in your TV and you want to stop this.

There are many places you can buy blackout blinds from. There is the internet for example, or even easier you can buy them from most home stores in your city. You can easily match them with the rest of the décor. If you want to get them custom made you can, but there are only some specific manufactures that provide this option.

It is also important that once you install blackout blinds, you maintain them. This means cleaning them regularly. You can do this easily with a vacuum cleaner and a clean cloth. Or you can dip the blinds in a tub filled with water and soap. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions to see if the cleaning solution you use can’t damage the blinds.

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