Cleaning shutters and wood blinds

Shutters are window coverings usually made of wood or vinyl while wood blinds are obviously made of natural wood. In order to keep them in a good state for a long time you need to perform a regular cleaning against dust and dirt. Even though your first choice may be to use water, the wood can get damaged because of it, so don’t use it.

1. Open the blinds or shutters so that they are facing the same angle. First clean them of dust with a dry cloth.

2. Now turn the blind or shutter on the opposite side and wipe this one too but with a clean cloth.

3. Continue the cleaning if necessary with a vacuum improved with a brush attachment. Clean the entire area of the shutter with it.

4. When dealing with vinyl shutters, the dry cloth may not finish the job, so you should clean them with a humid cloth to make sure you remove everything.

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