Learn to close a window blind tighter

Window blinds don’t always close completely. There sometimes remain some holes through which light goes through or people can look. You can fix this, or even better, buy blinds that close completely.

1. The first step is to turn the slats on the blinds upside down from the regular position. This means they should be facing the ceiling. This is one trick that keeps the light out.

2. Sometimes the reason why the blinds don’t close completely is because there is something broken or the cords loosened up. Make sure all the screws are tightened. Also make sure that the chains and cords aren’t broken or somehow damaged because you will need to replace them. The light can also get through if the vertical slats are twisted. Look out for this too.

3. Some of the best results are known to be provided by wooden blinds. They are usually very tight and they come with a lot of benefits.

4. Another good tip is to replace horizontal blinds with vertical blinds, because they just close better. With vertical blinds you can cover a larger surface and thus gain more privacy. Horizontal blinds simply work better with smaller windows.

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