Learn to install window blinds

The necessity for blinds is explained by the need to control the amount of light that enters a room through the windows. Below are the steps for a proper installation.

Before installing the blinds you have to figure out what type of blinds you want to use with your windows.

You have to realize what matches with the type of window you have. You can choose between vertical blinds or horizontal blinds, but vertical blinds are more common for tall windows or doors.

Another factor that categorizes window blinds is the size of the blind. Here we talk about blinds with slats or solid blinds. When we speak about slat window blinds we also talk about mini blinds. The slats are linked one to another with strings. Then there are the solid blinds that consist only of one solid piece that can also be rolled or folded. Here are the installation steps for horizontal staled blinds.

1. First mark the place where you will install the window blinds on the window frame.

2. Next drill inside the window frame to make holes for the supporting screws. Then install the brackets with those screws on both sides of the frame.

3. The next thing to install is the valance. You can either find them already attached to the headrails or you can attach them yourself with some clips. If your installation kit includes bottom rails, attach them also. At the end of attaching the valances check the rolling of the blinds to see if it is disrupted by the valance.

4. In the end you just have to adjust the cord stops.

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