What type of blinds work with arched windows


Regular window treatments don’t work with arched windows. You need something specially created for their design. What really adds to the interior design of a room with arched windows is blinds.

Curtains don’t allow windows to be admired as blinds do.

Even though arched windows are a great way to create the impression of more space in a room, their irregular form makes it very difficult to cover them. But actually, things are not like that. You can find blinds that are especially created to cover the arch that is separate from the windows. Actually you can also find them motorized. You can buy them already made or you can make a custom order for your arched windows. All you need to keep in mind is to match the arched blinds with the ones on the windows.

When dealing with arched windows, the best choice you can make is horizontal blinds for the lower part. And they also work great with tall windows. Even better, you can choose the wooden horizontal blinds because they look just great on arched windows, or the roll up bamboo blinds. Another good choice is the shutter blind or the fabric blind. Don’t use complicated patterns on the blinds; keep the color simple and plain because this is the best way to go with these windows.

You can also choose vertical blinds, but with the half arches. This is because they are more curved and vertical blinds fit better. In case you have long windows, you should definitely choose vertical blinds because one horizontal blind will not be enough. It doesn’t matter if you have a half arched window or complete arched.

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