Vertical blinds trouble

Even though they are in the most wanted list, vertical blinds are not an exception for trouble. To start with the first issue, let’s consider their installation. This is not something hard to accomplish, yet if you misplace them they will create problems.

When installing vertical blinds on French windows the first and most common problem is the handle that gets stuck to the vertical blinds machine. The solution is as simple as placing something between the door handle and the blind, such as a head rail.

Thinking about old style Victorian houses with bay windows installed, you realize that this is very stylish and good looking. But as you put this into practice, you will realize that bay windows are a great load of trouble for vertical blinds. This is because bay windows and vertical blinds don’t fit unless you get them customized, and this will cost you a lot of money.

Moving on to skylight windows, a great addition to modern houses. But as you may want to cover these windows with vertical blinds, you will realize that you cannot control the blinds manually and that you need to install motorized blinds. Again this will cost you extra.

Vertical blinds installed on a bathroom window are a must have. Privacy is very important in this room. But because of all the humidity the blinds will get mildewed.  This narrows your choices to some special blinds that will resist to that humidity level.

Another great problem with vertical blinds is the maintenance they need. When cleaning vertical blinds you have to be careful with the hooks that connect the slats to each other. You have to use the user guide to get directions. When you decide to redecorate the place you have to consider resizing or restyling the blinds. Regular maintenance will keep the problems away.

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