How to enhance wooden blinds

It is very possible that wooden blinds are the best window treatment out there. You get protected from sun light, you get your privacy and you even have a very good looking accessory inside your home. The problem is wooden blinds despite their appearance are very hard to keep.

You can enhance the wood blinds with swag. You will not get any practical benefits from this, but you will have a nicer looking room. The swag will hang on the window sides leaving the center revealed. The swag can have any decoration you want. You can easily match it with the rest of the room.

Another good solution for wooden blinds is wooden valance. This is another window treatment idea just that it goes very well with the wooden theme. Typical valances have a decorative shelf that you can use to hold decorations.

The last enhancing provided is decorative drapes. You don’t need curtains that offer you privacy because you have the blinds. You can use the drapes purely for decorative purposes. Choose a color that goes perfectly with the rest of the room. The blinds protect you from the sun so you can keep the drapes opened during the day. You can use different decorative tricks for when the drapes are opened or closed.

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