Performing measurements for window blinds

Window blinds are used in more than one purpose, but what they are best at is to provide privacy and keep sun light out. The fact that they can be rolled into the decorative valance makes them just so adaptable and versatile. You can install window blinds on any window, no matter what size it has.

All you need to be careful is to make the correct measurements.

1. If you want to install the blinds inside the window frame, you need to measure the depth of the window frame. You need to have the frame larger than the blind so that it fits entirely inside the frame. You can install the blinds on the wall that surrounds the window if you can’t do it inside.

2. Now, you have to determine the width you need for the blind. Be careful as the width of the window may differ from top to bottom. If so, choose the bigger size for the blinds. Depending on where you decided to install the blinds, you can leave the measurements like that or you must add a few inches in order to cover the window frame completely.

3. Now determine the height you need for the blinds. Again make sure you measure in the left side and right side of the window because the heights may differ. Choose the bigger one and buy the blinds.

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