Learn to cut down Levolor window blinds

Blinds manufactured by Levolor can sometimes be a little longer than the window. Yes, you could not lower the blinds all the way down, but another solution is to cut the blinds at the window level.


First arrange the slats of the blind in the necessary position, which is fully lowered and horizontally opened.

2. Now you have to locate the slat that should be the last one in the blind, meaning it should be level with the window edge. Mark this slat with a piece of tape and then lower the rest of the slats under this one by cutting the ladder under it.

3. Now you have to cut the cords at the new level, which is 6 inches lower than the last slat that remained. When you cut the cords the bottom rail will fall. Place it on the floor.

4. Put aside the 2 bottom slats that remained on the blind to make more string for the bottom rail.

5. Now you have to take the bottom rail from the removed slats. You can do this by removing the plugs that hold it using a flat-head screwdriver.

6. Now that you have the bottom rail you can connect it to the strings that remained at the bottom of the remaining blind.

7. Connect the bottom rail to the lift cords and everything else and remember to press the plastic plugs that hold the pull cord.

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