Information on vertical blinds for sliding glass doors

Choosing vertical blinds for sliding glass doors is an economical option. There are many materials from which the blinds can be made of. An example of such a material is vinyl.

This material is very often used in sliding door blinds and offer many advantages. You can clean it easy. You can get it in almost any color. It’s very easy to match the blinds with the rest of the decorative theme of the room. Besides looking good, vinyl blinds will also provide you with the privacy you need. Actually you can control just how much light you want to let in by maneuvering the blinds.

The next choice for vertical blinds is the fabric vanes. Even though they are good at filtering the light, you may experience trouble cleaning the fabric. There is the option of choosing bamboo vanes which is a more country style choice.

It would seem that vertical blinds are the logical choice when it comes to covering sliding glass doors, but it is not like that. It is hard to match the size of the door with the ones of the blinds and often times it is needed to make a custom order. This means extra costs. Another problem with vertical blinds is that they do not fit on irregular shaped windows, only on rectangular or plane surfaces. Then there is the problem of the ends of the blinds getting frayed.

There are some good alternatives to vertical blinds. There are the curtains and drapes. They are simple to install, they can easily be removed when not needed and they clean very fast. You can match the décor of the room with any drape or curtain. And finally the installation is simple too.

After analyzing your options it remains your choice if you go with vertical blinds or some of the alternatives.

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