Keeping noise away using hat channels part 1

Many modern houses use drywall panels as a decorative accessory, but not all house owners do know that they aren’t effective as a soundproof solution. Panels are fixed to a metal or wood frame which vibrates. Sound is transmitted through them and noise is created.

Sound waves can be created by many actions of people and not only. The noise is easy to be created but hard to be stopped. Hat channels represent a good solution for your house, as this type of soundproofing is made of metal and reduce direct contact with the walls.

Hat channels can be attached with screws to an existing wall or furring strips and they are made of aluminum or galvanized steel. They are installed with the two flanges uppermost and to the right angles to the furring strips. Whisper clips must be used if you want to add an extra degree of soundproofing. Channels are isolated from the wall by the clips which are attached to the wall or to the furring strips and the hat channels are clipped into these clips. They can be cut to the desired length. When you complete this project, make sure that the opening of the ground channel is facing up. Other channels must be faced down.

To cover the wall like wallpaper, you will use a soundproofing material. Also, you will use contact adhesive applied with a roller, before the furring strips or hat channels are fixed. The level of control required will determine the thickness of the soundproof barrier. Insulating material can be fixed between hat channels or can be fixed by the hat channels to the wall and will act like a sound absorbing cushion. Blanket insulation will improve the thermal insulation. You will need to make sure that the absorbing material is well fixed into the process and noise will be no longer an issue for you.

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