Christmas decorations and crafts made easily

Even if you are a parent or even if you are an educator, you will find the handmade decorations an interesting and joyful action for your children. Children and adults can spend some quality time together in Christmas holiday with handmade ornaments.

A simple project for you and your children is to create a garland.

This ornament can decorate your Christmas tree or a window and other place that you want. So, you will start this project by cutting strips of construction paper about one inch wide. They can be cut thinner or wider if you like it one particular way.

You will bend the paper and create the first loop. You will form a circle and you will secure the ends with tape or glue. You will interlock the next piece to continue forming the chain. You will do that around the first circle and in this way, you created another loop. You will need to secure it with tape. So, you will continue this action until you have a paper garland long enough. The color can be choose from many options but green and red are the traditional choices.

Another funny project to do is the snowball. This ornament can be hanged into the Christmas tree or to a doorway and any other place that you want. So, you will need to purchase some foam balls, satin ribbon, and white or clear push pins and glitter spray. You will start by pushing the pins into the ball until it is fully covered. Then, you will need to form a loop from a satin ribbon. You will use a push pin to secure it to the ball. Then, you will need to spray the ball with glitter spray and hang it in the tree.

Another interesting project is to turn some lids into a Christmas tree. Make sure that you use same size lids and start creating the tree. You will start to create the tree on a poster board. First, you will add one lid for the top then two and three. You will create the tree this way. You will need to paint the inside of the lids with green paint and also to add sequins, stickers and any objects to decorate the tree. Then, you will cut the poster board around the tree and add a loop of satin ribbon for hanging.

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