Installing Christmas lights along the roof line

The Christmas spirit can be brought in the neighborhood easily through the use of Christmas lights. Decorate your front yard using bulbs colored in Christmas colors. Hang icicle lights from the eaves of the roof to create the illusion of real icicles left from a snow storm.

Follow these simple steps and you will safely hang Christmas lights on the roof line.

1. Make the plan and design of the lights and colors you want to use.

2. Find out what electrical outlets outside are the most suitable to use. If the distances are too big, use extension cords.

3. While you are still in the ground install a light clip to each bulb of the strand.

4. Use a ladder that reaches the tip of the roof and climb it safely. Bring up the light strand. Using the clips you installed earlier mount each bulb to the gutter or roof shingles.

5. Place carefully all the lights while moving the ladder along the roof line.

6. Plug in the lights and make sure your electrical system will resist to that amount of electricity or else it will overload. You can use multiple outlets for this.

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