Learn to create a centerpiece ornament for Christmas

At the Christmas table it looks very good if you decorate it with a centerpiece crafted of Christmas ornaments. Follow these steps:

1. Make the base of the centerpiece by adding the largest ornaments to the plate.

Continue by adding ornaments smaller and smaller. Glue all the ornaments together.

2. Glue another layer of ornaments to the first one with the glue gun. Each layer you add has to be smaller than the previous one so that in the end you obtain the look of a Christmas tree.

3. It doesn’t matter how many colors you use. You decide if you want a big centerpiece or smaller ones.

4. Decide what you want to add on the very top of the ornament pile. You can choose to use a star or something that you normally use on top of the Christmas tree, but smaller.

5. Highlight the centerpiece by spraying it with glitter, or leave it raw to be more subtle.

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