Decorating the Christmas tree Victorian Style

The Victorian era is the mother of the modern Christmas tree. They were usually decorated with edible ornaments, paper garlands, handmade gifts and tiny candles. You have here some ideas about Victorian style decorations.

1. Make your own garlands using popcorn and cranberries stringed on a thread. Use the garland on the tree.

2. You can also use colorful paper strips to make garlands.

3. Make little mesh bags filled with candies. Tie the bag with a golden ribbon. Hang the bags in the tree and don’t open them until Christmas day.

4. Fold some holiday paper into triangles and glue them to create small paper cornucopias. Glue to each cornucopia a gold or silver ribbon. Use nuts or candies to fill the cornucopias.

5. If you have one, put a Nativity scene under the tree. Increase the details with fake snow and grass.

6. On top of the tree mount a classic Victorian angel.

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