Learn to paint Christmas ornaments

If you want to find the perfect moment for art and crafts then Christmas is that moment. What can be greater than an entire family that works on Christmas decorations? A good example for a craft is Christmas ornament painting.


First choose your favorite Christmas ornaments that you want to paint. It would be better if the ornaments had a smooth surface. Some examples are balls for the tree or little snowflakes. You can find anything at a craft store.

2. Now you have to purchase the paint kit. It should have paints, glitter and brushes, so you can also buy them separately. The colors that best suit a Christmas ornament are red, green and white. You have to make detail paintings too so make sure you have more than one sized brush.

3. This step is all about your imagination. You can apply the paints in any order but it is recommended that you start with the heavier colors first. You can decorate the ornaments in any you think, just have fun.

4. For the final touch you can add glitter. It can be of any color you want because it still creates the feeling of snow. At the end when all painting is done, leave the ornaments for a few hours to dry completely. Some paints need more time than other to dry so read their directions to know for sure. This is it. You now have the ornaments necessary to put in the Christmas tree.

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