Some tips for making cheap outdoor Christmas decorations

Everyone wants to express their Christmas cheer through decorating their house. But this can turn out to be quite expensive. Still with a little bit of imagination and a few items you may already have in your garage you can build your own decorative items.

Big candy canes

1. Take a PVC U-bend connector and an 18-inch piece of straight pipe and glue them together.

2. Now, take a red tape and starting from the curved end wrap the PVC pipe in a downward spiral, but don’t forget to leave gaps of white in between. In the end you will realize you have the pattern of a candy cane.

3. Now it’s up to you where you place the candy cane. It can be in the ground or on the house, just use your imagination.

Big Christmas tree ornaments

1. Create the top of the Christmas tree using an empty disposable container and a playground ball. Put them together with the ball being adjacent to the open part of the container and tape them. For a nicer look cover the container in duct tape. Again use your imagination.

2. Paint the ball in a shiny color, preferably metallic.

3. After the paint on the ball is completely dry you can hang the ball wherever you want, from the eaves or house or on the lawn.

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