Learn to make cone Victorian Christmas ornaments

1. You will need to visit a craft shop and buy individual sheets or a pack of Victorian-themed scrapbook papers and white paper doilies.


Lay the first sheet of Victorian paper with the printed design facing down. Use a rounded form, like a plate, and draw the outline of a circle on the paper. After that, cut the circle with a pair of scissors.

3. Cut the circle in two equal pieces after folding it in half.

4. Make a cone out of one half-circle and make sure that the printed face is out. Use hot glue to seal the cone.

5. Fold the bottom of the cone up half an inch. After that, use hot glue to seal it.

6. Use white doily paper to cut a piece in the shape of a pie big enough to fit around the open part of the cone.  Cut a 3-inch width of the doily along the scalloped border. Now you have to glue this to the cone at half an inch from the top with the scalloped border facing down.

7. Decorate the top edge of the cone with gathered lace, small fake flowers and shinny buttons. At the top back of the cone glue a ribbon loop.

8. Hang some strips of thin colored ribbon or yarn at the bottom of the cone. Hide the gluing spot of the ribbons with shiny buttons or tiny flowers. Place candies inside the cone in the end.

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