Learn to create paper hats for Christmas decorations

Christmas atmosphere is a thing that everyone loves around the Christmas holyday, but kids are those who want the most to create and enjoy it. This atmosphere includes also the clothes worn. Santa and elf hats are the most used holiday clothing elements around Christmas.

If you look for a challenging project for a classroom activity, you can try to teach students how to create their own paper Santa hats.

So, for little kids, you will need to take a paper sheet and cut it from the edge straight to the center. Then, you will need to overlap the edges to create a cone and tape it in place. You will need to paint it or decorate it as you want and create holes for string ties. Now, the hat is ready to be warned. For larger kids, the process will be the same, but they will use larger paper sheets.

If you are looking to create a snowman paper hat, you will need to cut a rectangle out of black construction paper. The paper should be larger with one or two inches that the circumference of the head. You will need to fix the short ends together to create a tube and trace one end of it onto another piece of black paper. You will need to cut out the circle and tape it to one end of the tube as the top of the hat. For the hat brim, you will need to cut 2 to 3 inches out from the traced circle. You will need to fix it in place and add some decorations on it. Also, you will need to create a hole on each side for string ties.

If you want to create wise man crowns, you will need to measure the child’s head and mark a band with 2 inches more that the measurement on the back of a sheet of yellow poster board. You will need to draw some fancy ornaments on the crown and cut it out. Staple the ends together and add some glittering to the front of the crown.

To create a Christmas tree hat, you will need to make a green cone using the instruction for the Santa hat. Kids can decorate the trees in the way they like. Create holes for the string ties. The elf hats will be created using the same instructions too.

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