Color the Christmas table in sage green

The sage green color, being a little bit different than normal green, is a suitable color to decorate the Christmas table with, not being too brash and not being an exaggerated color. If you don’t like it only on its own, you can add a touch of red color too.


Cover the entire table with sage green tablecloth and place sage green place mats as well.

2. You should mix the colors a little but still keeping it fresh, so some white can be the perfect solution. If you are a traditional you can use red with the sage green. Try to match the color of the plates and bowls with thee ones.

3. Decide on the centerpiece. You can gather some sage green ball ornaments into a glass vase and set it in the middle of the table. Decorate the centerpiece with candles placed around it.

4. A usual decoration for Christmas involves having a miniature Christmas tree in the center also decorated with sage green ornaments but also red, green and white.

5. You can also make a centerpiece with flowers. What would fit with the sage green are white roses or carnations gathered in a glass vase. You can also use few red roses.

6. Try to add the sage green to little ornaments like the napkin rings or the bows tied around chair backs with tulle or ribbon.

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