How to decorate the front door for holidays

A good start for the decoration process of a home is the front door. It is something that everybody sees no matter if they come in or not inside the house. If you want to show off your holiday spirit than decorating the front door will offer you a good result.

Here are some ideas of ornaments you can use.


No matter what holiday there is using a wreath is always a good start. To a simple wreath build from grapevine or foam you can attach some decorations that express the current season. You can, for example, use black ribbon or small pumpkins to express Halloween, decorative eggs for the Easter, or for a big holiday like Christmas you can add little tree ornaments, holly or poinsettias. If you decorate the door every holiday you can think about adding a wreath hanger at the top of the door to save up some work with nails or screws.


Another ornament for the holidays to use on the door is the garland. For Thanksgiving or Halloween you can use fall leaves, orange or gold flowers. For the Christmas holiday you can use snowflakes, holly or other little ornaments that represent Christmas. Something glittery would be to make a garland with colored lights.

Door Knob Hangers

Expressing the holiday feeling with a door knob hanger is fun. Some ideas for a nice hanger are: some silver bells tied together in a wreath with a colored ribbon, dried corn tied with a ribbon, or something simple like a colored bow with a wooden heart.

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