Christmas outside light decorations

1. Make a list of all the lightning you will need. Make a good plan regarding how you decorate each object, with how many lights, and also arrange the lights in separate piles depending on the area you will use them.

2. Don’t install the lights until you test every strand individually. Replace any bulb that doesn’t light up and verify that the wiring on the strands are not worn or damaged.

3. If you want to hang lights along the roof, you will need plastic light clips that will hold the lights along the gutter without making any damage. Attach the lights to the clips and connect the end to an extension cord.

4. When you decorate the trees always start from the bottom. Wrap the trunk in light strands and decorate the major branches with individual strands of lights tied with plastic zip ties. This way they will stay on the tree securely.

5. Wrap the bushes in lights also. Use layer of lights to go around the bush and create a series of lines.

6. Protect the connected plugs by applying duct tape over them.

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