Interesting ideas for Christmas decorations

Caroling and shopping in Christmas time are some very popular things to do, but most people don’t realize that Christmas is alive due to the decorations. Decorations can be bought from various local stores, but if you want something more, you can ask your family to create your own Christmas decorations. You will find this job funny and also a good way to keep your family together.

Globe-shaped ornaments are very easy to handmade. You will need to buy some polystyrene balls, paint and other small glittering ornaments. You can paint and decorate the balls the way you want, but don’t forget to add glitter material to them and a stick for hanging. Also, you can simply create a Rudolph ornament using a wooden craft. You will need to glue eyes and a red cotton-ball as nose. Also, you will need to create antlers for it. A hook attached to the top of the stick will give you the opportunity to hang your new ornament into the tree.

Another traditional ornament to think about is the wreath. You will start creating a wreath using a piece of craft wire which will be bent in a half circle. You will start to add bells and other small glittering ornament on it. When you finish this, the ends of the wreath will simply be attached together. A small ribbon will be attached on top of the wreath for hanging. If you look for an easier job, you can simply decorate a pre-made wreath with the ornament that you want. It is recommended to use color themes.

Garlands are another type of ornament which is very popular. You can hang it on a tree or above a doorway and it is very easy to handmade. You will need to cut a piece of red and green construction paper with 2 inches wide and 6 inches length. You will need to loop one strip to the next, securing the ends using glue. You can alternate the colors until you get the desired length. If you look for a traditional ornament, you can create a popcorn garland using a needle.

A fine and original idea for Christmas decorations is to fill a flower vase with candy canes, ribbons with various colors and other small Christmas ornaments. The vase should be three quarters full. On top of the vase you will arrange some poinsettias. A ribbon tied around the neck of the vase should complete this original ornament. A very good idea for your front way, is to create an elf entrance which will be attached to the wall next to the front door.

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