Ideas to decorate outdoor windows for Christmas

Here are some ideas about decorating the windows during Christmas holidays.

1. Outline the window

This is one of the simplest decoration methods, considering the fact that you never had the opportunity to decorate a house exterior or window.

Install light hooks every few inches along the window.  Then on the hooks you just installed attach a string of lights, to create an outline of the window. You can use whatever type of lights you want, that blink or dance to music. Don’t string the lights until you have located the electrical receptacles.

2. Add a wreath

You can try something with less light and a more natural look, like adding a wreath. Hang it on a single suction cup hook on the outside of the window. You can also hang a prelit wreath or a lighted snowflake if you necessarily want a lighted look. One important aspect when adding decoration to the outside of the house is to keep the symmetry. So, if you add wreath on one side of the house you need to keep the pattern on the other side.

3. Use your imagination

You don’t necessarily have to use wreaths or lights to decorate your windows. You can still use other creative decorations like garlands, pieces of pine, pine cones or a bunch of plastic ornaments. Just use your imagination.

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