Learn to make Victorian Christmas bulb beading

1. First take a 4 foot strand of thread and thread it with the beading needle. Use the beading needle to pick up 17 seed beads.

Put the threaded needle though the center of the wooden bead. Position the seed beads on the outside over the holes. Tightly secure the threads and knot the threads to its tail end.

2. Bring 17 additionally beads and wrap around the exterior of the wooden bead. Each time add 17 more beads and remember to knot the thread after every addition. You have to add 12 strands.

3. Fill the gaps between the 17 strands with a bead, summing 13 more beads.

4. Use strands of 9 beads to fill the remaining gaps. Secure the threads with a knot.

The hanging loop

1. Use a threaded needle to pick up 25 beads. With this you have to create a hanging loop.

2. Make a circle by feeding the needle through all the other beads.

3. Put the circular loop inside the wooden bead’s center and while you pull through leave a loop at both the top and bottom of the bead’s center.

The tassel

1. Fill the strand with 8 bugle beads and 16 seed beads by picking up 2 seed beads and one bugle bead at a time on a needle with 4 feet of thread on it. After you pick an extra seed bead take the needle back through the rest of the beads except the last attached seed bead. Insert the needle through the final bead creating a knot that will secure the strand.

2. Repeat the process to create 9 more tassel strands.

3. Identify the length-wise center of all the tassel strands. Divide the bundle in half creating 20 tassel strands by tying a knot with the thread.

4. Securely knot the tassel to the hanging loop at the base of the ornament.  Hide the knot by pulling the hanging loop. Secure the tassel to the bottom of the ornament with glue.

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