Repairing Christmas lights for the outside

When the Christmas holiday comes people start decorating their homes and yards with multiple ornaments. What show the holiday cheer are Christmas lights. There are some differences between indoor and outdoor Christmas lights, like their resistance to weather conditions and their size.

You can often face problems with the lights. If there is a problem with a part of the string, usually the entire string fails. The repairing process starts with the identification of the problem and then the fixing.

1. Go through each bulb of the string and twist it to see if there was a short that cause the entire string to go out.

2. You can ease the job by using a hum tracer. The tracer will notify what bulb is damaged by tracking the humming noise it makes through the connection wires with the bulbs.

3. Use a replacement instead of that faulty bulb. You will see now if there was only one damaged bulb or if you need to keep looking.

4. If you don’t come across any damaged bulb, you can try switching the fuse from the lights. The fuse is located in a small fuse box at the end of the string. After you open the box take out the old fu black residue inside it. This will be the sign that shows the fuse was blown. Take a new fuse, the same as the old one and put it in place. Close the box when you are done.

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