Learn to hang Christmas tree paper cone decorations

The tradition of the Christmas tree is actually very old, like 500 years old, and has been adopted by most of the countries. The paper cone is actually an example of a tree decoration. It is actually decorated on the exterior and after that it is filled with candy other things.

The process of hanging a paper cone ornament is simple and you can learn it by following the next steps:

1. Make 2 holes in the cone next to the openings. Make the holes one opposed to the other leaving a distance of ΒΌ inches from the top edge.

2. Measure 5 inches of ribbon and then cut it.

3. Take the ribbon and insert it through one of the holes you made in the cone. Make a knot at that end to prevent the ribbon from escaping. Make sure that the knot is on the inside of the cone meaning that you inserted the ribbon from the outside.

4. Apply the same procedure to the other side of the ribbon in the other hole.

5. Hang the cone on one of the tree branches with the loop created by the ribbon. You can now put whatever you want inside the cone.

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