Handmade decorations with cotton batting

Sold in sheets, cotton batting is a kind of cotton that is used to fill pillows, quilts and other objects which need to be soft. This material is a very good option for Christmas decorations because it resembles snow. It can be also used as ground for decorative houses in winter season and to give shape to pillows and other ornaments.

Penguin village is a popular accessory used. So, you will use pine cones to create penguins. You will paint the center of the pine cones with white paint. The wings will be attached by trimming large scales from the bottom of the cones. They will be also painted for a good looking. Also, you will paint the eyes on an acorn pre-painted white. The acorn will be placed on top of the pine cone.

Pine cones can also serve like trees. All you need to do, is to paint the pine cones with white paint to look like snow fallen. You can add some glittering using silver spray. Now, you will use the batting as snow and you will shape it to look like drifts and valleys at different points. Now, you will arrange the scene the way you want.

Cotton batting and felt represent the best options recommended by many magazines for your decorations. So, felt can be trimmed to create bells and a snowman. You will need to cut the felt folded over in two identical pieces. To create a snowman, you will sew on three buttons down the center and two buttons for the eyes. Then, you will need to put the pieces of felt together and sew them along the edges. You will need to leave a space of about half an inch open. Now, you will fill it with cotton batting until it takes the shape you want and sew it.

The wreaths are another suggestion offered by many magazines. They can be hanged on the door or inside your house and they can be made using a fabric cut to 14 by 14 inches. Also, you will need to cut a batting piece to the same size. You will place the fabric over the batting and using two concentric circles, you will draw a wreath shape on it. You will add some buttons painted white or other color you want. You will use a thread and needle to sew the buttons to the fabric and batting to keep them in place. This accessory can be placed to a mounting board and hanged into your house.

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