Use pearls and ribbon to make Victorian Christmas decorations

The Christmas holiday is something that brings with itself more than just the celebration of the holiday. It brings the joy of decorating the house, actually there are people that like decorating more than the holiday itself. If you like choosing themes for the decorations than Victorian style is very attractive.

A good thing about this is that you can create the decorations yourself using pearl beads and ribbons.

1. Craft stores have a big variety of plastic ornaments. After you buy them take the ornaments and place them with the inside faced upwards on a flat surface.

2. Prepare some colored paints and use a brush to color the inside of the ornaments with iridescent and metallic paint. The result will be that the decorations look very pretty.

3. Start preparing the design for the decoration. Use ribbons to create a crisscross diamond pattern glued with the balls and wrap the spirals of icicles with it. Use ribbons to outline the stars’ shapes.

4. Glue some pearls on the center of some stars and create the image of a smaller star or a Christmas tree or something else.

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