Learn to use beads to create a Christmas wreath ornament

One of the easiest yet very symbolic ornaments used for Christmas decoration is the wreath. You can make a beaded Christmas wreath ornament together with your children too. Follow these steps:


Make the shape of a hook out of a bended chenille stick. You have to make the hook at a length of ¼ to ½ inches.

2. Wrap the chenille stick with beads down to the hook by adding five green tri beads, one red tri bead, five green tri beads, one red tri bead and so on until all the 50 green tri beads and 10 of the red tri beads are finished.

3. Round the beaded portion of the chenille stick to create a circle that represents the wreath. Secure the circle by wrapping the hook end around the stick.

4. Create the image of a candle using the remaining chenille stick by bending it to the center of the wreath. Then cover the piece of chenille stick with 8 red tri beads and one yellow faceted bead to create the image of a candle.

5. Remove what remaining you have from the chenille stick. You can try to prevent the beads from sliding off the stick by bending the tip of the chenille stick to create a tiny loop form.

6. Create a hanger for the ornament wreath to be able to hang it on the door using a nylon wire tied up in the form of a loop.

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