Ornaments for the Christmas tree for children

Everybody who likes to spend Christmas in the family knows what the Christmas tree means. It is what brings the family together working to decorate it. Besides this, you can involve children even more, if they learn how to make Christmas tree ornaments themselves.

1. The simplest ornament is one cut directly from construction paper and threaded with yarn ready to be hanged on the tree. If you are thinking about using this next year, you can laminate the paper. This way the paper is preserved well during the year. If the kids don’t want to make new ornaments, than they can add their touch to ready made Christmas balls and figurines. Another useful material to make ornaments is clay. They can make all kinds of shapes and then bake them and paint them. This will make for some great memories.

2. The classical garlands can be replaced with strings of popcorn made by the kids and hung on the tree. Another way to replace garlands is by hanging different construction paper models cut by the kids and put together on a rope. The paper can be cut in any model from trees, snowmen, Santa to stars or leaves.

3. You can improve the tree decoration with a tree topper to give it drama and presence. The tree topper is built using a piece of thick cardstock wrapped into a cone and fastened shut from the base. Use paper, clay or papier mache to create the topper. After you decide on what shape you want for the topper than get it ready to be hanged on the tree.

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