Decorations for a traditional Victorian Christmas

The Victorian era has given us a lot of the customs involving Christmas. The main rule was to spend the Christmas together with the dear ones. That’s why they used to decorate the Christmas tree with homemade decorations.

The Victorians were the first to use the Christmas tree. They were using candles as lights along with fruit and cookies and candy painted in metallic colors decorated the branches.

The women used to create the ornaments. They gathered sugared almonds, candy and other sweets in paper cornucopias. The branches were folded in paper fans and cotton batting figures or cardboard figures. The little ones made garlands using popcorn and cranberries on a string.

Pine roping was used to decorate picture frames and mirrors. All windows and doors had wreath hanging by them as well as the fireplace that had a stocking and the table that had a centerpiece.

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