How to decorate the classroom doors for the Christmas holiday

If you’re still a pupil and you want to create a fine Christmas atmosphere at school, you can create some fine ornaments being helped by your classmates. You can decorate your classroom for a fine atmosphere but make sure that you have yours school master approval. Your decorations can be reused for the coming Christmas holidays.

The classroom door can be decorated with a paper Christmas tree. This tree can be decorated with ornaments from every student. They can hang their pictures in it or they can use some creative small ornaments.

You can also inspire your decorations with ideas around the world. You can add on your door wooden shoes like Dutch traditions or a picture of a nutcracker as Germans do. Also, you can add a fruit basket to represent the traditions of Kwanzaa.

Another very good idea for the classroom door is to be decorated with a present from every student. Students can also create a list of their desired presents and hang it on the door.

A funny idea is to create a wreath using the hand prints of every student. This ornament must be matched with a red bow and hanged on the door.

Candy canes represent another funny solution. Students can create paper candy canes or they can hang real candy canes on the door. They will certainly be happy to eat them before the winter break. Gingerbread cookies can be used in the same way like candy canes.

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