How to create paper chains for Christmas decorations

If you are looking for a fine Christmas decoration, you will certainly think about a paper chain. This is a very easy project to perform and it will customize the general look of your decorations. This project will include the entire family members because it is very easy to perform.

You can add some fun to the project. Ask every member of your family to create their own chain and then hook them together.

So, you will need paper and adhesive for this easy project. You will find construction paper as a good material for your project. This material is sturdy but also flexible and it is a good option for a paper chain. If you look for something more, you will also find interesting the scrapbook paper which is available in craft stores. You will also need to choose the color theme very carefully. You can use either tape or glue as adhesive. Also, you can try the double sided tape which will allow you to hide the tape and create a nice finishing. The glue stick is also a very good option.

So, you will start by cutting the paper into strips. You will cut the strips to the size that you want. Remember that longer strips are creating larger loops into the chain while shorter strips are creating tighter loops. You can start with strips that are one inch wide by five inches long. You can try it and find if you like how it looks. Then, you can adjust the size as you want.

So, you will apply the adhesive on one end of your strip of paper. You will press the two ends together where the adhesive was applied to create a loop. Then, you will place the second one through the middle of the first loop. You will repeat the process for the second loop. Then, you will place the strip through the middle of the precious made loop and apply the adhesive. You can create a longer chain for your tree or you can create shorter chains for other decorations.

You can use the chains as a garland around your tree or you can hang them straight down the tree. You can also decorate mantels and doorways using the chains. Also, you can countdown to Christmas using the paper chains. You will create a loop for every day up to Christmas and write numbers on them. You can remove one loop from the chain after each day.

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