Decorating the windows in a Victorian Christmas style

Victorian styled curtains are usually made of lace. Express elegance and softness by adding lace panels in tones of gold, silver and white. .

Use clear fabric tape to drape the lace over the rod because you will only use these curtains for the holidays.

Being a Victorian life specific item, bows have found their use in decorations as well. Secure them to the curtains. Use red and green bows to enhance the window treatment. You can visit craft stores in the holiday season for felt bows with built-in fasteners. if you already have bows use fabric paint to color them for holiday and also make temporary fasteners from hook-and-loop patches.

Victorians used rosettes over top of curtains. The craft stores usually have artificial rosettes. You can have them in any color and size. Use a metallic or glittery spray paint on them before applying them to a curtain rod.

Back in the Victorian time the royalties were dressed in velvets to display their status. Try to find red velvet that you can use as a curtain to make the room more dramatic during holidays.

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