Some ideas about decorating your patio for Christmas

Religious themes

One way to decorate the patio is to use the religious meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus, and to create the Nativity scene with small figurines of Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the Wise Men. Make the scene visible at night by adding candles to the corners of the patio. There is a solution for low spaces too.

You can buy a replica of a manger with the Baby Jesus and cover it in lights.

Christmas tree accents

You can borrow some of the decorative items that are used for trees to decorate the patio. You can use a garland and small tree ornaments to decorate a garden fence that can cover the patio area. You can ask your kids to make some homemade decorative items such as wreaths or dry pasta noodles or popcorn garlands.

White Christmas

This works for areas where there isn’t much snow during Christmas. You can create a white Christmas scene by using fake snow sprayed around the patio and by adding face icicles where you want. You can create the feeling of snow by adding some fake snowflakes adorned with iridescent glitter. Another thing you can add to the patio to create the feeling of snow is some figurines of children playing in winter clothing.

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