Decorate the porch with string lightning

Here are some styles you can choose from:

Fairy Lights

One very economic and available style of string lightning for your patio or garden is the fairy lights. Obtain that elegant year-round touch with white Christmas lights stringed around trees or hanged around the porch. Cut some egg cartons in the shape of a flower and insert the fairy lights in the center of the flower in the place of the stamen.


There are many styles of string lanterns like Chinese paper globes and plastic beer cans designs. For more light there are used heavy wires and cable lines to support higher-end lanterns. For the decoration of an outdoor dining are you should use lanterns with larger bulbs. Attach colored paper lanterns for more color.

String Lighting

Create a standing lamp or a hanging chandelier by repurposing string lights. Get a large tree branch. You can either paint it or you can leave it unpainted. After you wrap the entire branch in a string of lights you can hang it above a patio table.  Decorate the porch ceiling with a line of chandeliers made by you. Create a table lamp by inserting string lightning inside a mason jar or wine bottle.


You have to be very careful when you use string lightning. Outdoor lights have to be waterproof. Verify the cords and the sockets for flaws. Don’t use any excess string lightning, limit yourself o what you really need, try to stay between 1800 and 2400 watts with all the systems. Remember that one bulb has 10 watts. Keep the eyes open for fire danger.

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