Changing the 3 amp fuse on a string of Christmas lights

Besides the beautiful look that they provide to whatever you attach them to, strings of lights also can have a lot of problems. In order to prevent a fire hazard the lights have a little fuse that will burn out before the copper wiring melts down. In this case you need to know how to change it.

1. First locate the fuse holder inside the male end of the light cord. Check the manufacturer’s directions to help you locate the fuse easier. Usually there is a small drawer that holds the fuse. You can slide it open.

2. Use a screwdriver to expose the fuse or unsnap the drawer if it is the case. Take out the broken fuse once you see it and be careful to remember how the fuse was sitting so that it is easier for you to replace it.

3. Take the new fuse and place it in its spot. Close the housing when you are finished.

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