Making a paper Christmas stocking

1. First make a template of the stocking to be able to make more than one of the same size and shape. Use a sturdy material like a manila folder to draw your design.

Instead you can also print a template that you found on the internet.

2. Decide on the paper you want to create the stocking with. Consider what you want to put in them, meaning that heavy weight cardstock are suitable for slightly dimensional objects while thin paper works with flat items. Use cardstock to design the stocking and then add a nice touch to the front by adding some decorative paper.

3. Replicate the pattern on the backside of the paper creating the back and front of the stocking. After that, cut them out.

4. Put the two shapes together and then punch several holes at a distance of 1 inch from each other along the edges.

5. Insert a string or ribbon through the holes and remember to leave some space if you want to fill the stockings.

6. Create a top for the paper stocking using white cardstock or felt.

7. Decorate the front using letter stickers or small gems or use glitter glue, buttons or other ornaments to create a nice looking design.

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