Decorating ideas for a Fantasy Christmas

Having your mind ready to explore, you can find Christmas as a reality and not like a story that you imagined in your childhood. Traditional pictures with Christmas can offer you good ideas about decorations and how you can make the Christmas more beautiful than ever.

Sleigh bells, glistening snow and a fire can certainly create the feeling that everyone searches in Christmas time.

Silver accents and forests covered with snow can create into your mind the perfect scene for this very important holiday. You can dream about these things but you can also start doing something if you want your dreams come true.

You can start doing that with the tree. The Christmas tree can create the natural feeling of winter even it is inside if you will take care about snow. You can simply do that with a spray applied on its branches. You can use sliver, white or metallic ornament to fill the scene. Also, you can add some glittering pieces into your rooms and flowers. You can improve the design using snow drifts on the windows and other places that can be filled with some magical touches. The fireplace shouldn’t be forgotten because it is one of the most important places of the house. Also, you can use white color for tables, sofas and other surfaces that can be covered. In this way, you will bring snow into your house. Blue and white lights are creating also the image of snow. You can add lights into the tree or at its base or wherever you think that it suit well around the room.

If you look for a modern design, you can choose a dark artificial tree which will fit well with silver glittering. Also, ornaments should be black or transparent. Dark red and silver can be also color to match the design of a black tree. Dragons, Celtic ornaments and black stars can be also used for a good fitting. Silver candles can complete the scene perfectly.

If you look for a Victorian Christmas style, you will need to consider cameos and gold and pink as colors used. Also, Santa figurines and porcelain will fit well with the design. Natural resources can be used to fill the fireplace mantle. Burgundy, pink, gold and pearlescent ornaments must be used if you want a Victorian look. Strands of pearls and crystal beads can be placed around the tree. A burgundy or pink skirt can be placed at the bottom of the tree. Pillar candles, pearls, garlands and wreaths will complete the general aspect of your house.

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