Learn to decorate the outside door and windows with Christmas lights

Because this is tradition, you have to decorate the house with Christmas lights. If you want your house to stand out you definitely need to line the windows and doors with lights. If you use multiple colors you will create a festive look whereas white lights will denote a simpler, more elegant look.

1. Start measuring the size of the door and window line along with any object that needs to be covered in lights. Start planning the strips of light you have starting from the door and going to the windows. In the end, see if you need to buy more string. You will probably need to connect all the strings between them.

2. Don’t install the strings until you test them. Replace all broken lights if you find any. Test every string individually. Also check the fuses and see if you have any broken ones to replace.

3. Use an extension cord if needed to connect the lights to an electrical outlet.

4. Use nailing clips to secure the lights at a distance of 12 inches apart.

5. Start stretching the light strings getting them into the clips starting from the bottom of the window or door and finish again with the bottom. For a stronger outline use two strings of lights. Advance to the rest of the windows but remove the bulbs that sit in between because you don’t need them to glow.

6. Finish the plan in this manner. In the end test the entire installation to see the result.

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