Napkin rings in a Victorian Christmas style

1. Golden Napkin Rings

Gold is a representative color for a Victorian themed Christmas. In the past every Christmas table had gold napkin rings on it.

In order to create the napkin rings you will need to cut strips of gold lame fabric that are 4 inch long and 3 inch wide. Add fabric glue over the edges of the strip and then fold it to create a hem.  Let the glue dry. After that, attach a 1 inch hook and fastener to the ends. Make the ring by bringing the two ends together. Enhance the ring with false jewels and spray paint.

2. Tassels

Victorian Christmases include tassels as well. To make the napkin ring use 2 inch long tassels. To make the rings you need to use tassels with a round loop at the top. Regarding color you can consider forest green, rich burgundy, or soft mauve. Enhance the tassels with small monograms glued to their top. Personalize each ring with a golden letter representing the guests.

3. Paper Ornaments

You can use Victorian children Christmas theme as decorations. Search for clip-arts including Victorian children and print them on card stock. After that, get them laminated. Cut the images and glue them to the napkin rings. Enhance the dinner table with some Victorian paper dolls around the table. For the paper napkin holders you can also use paper butterflies and rose blossoms.

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