Some ideas about rustic Christmas decorations

Pine wreaths

You can make your own wreath to replace the pre-made ones made of plastic if you have some fresh-cut pine boughs and some free time. You can replace the pine branches, if your region doesn’t have pine trees, with vegetation that is native in your region like flowers, berries or grasses.

Mason jar mantle

Make a mixture from flour, sugar, spices and add-ins like chocolate chips to create a dry cookie mix and then lay the mixture in Mason jars.

Use recipes that are symbolizing Christmas like gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies and so on. After you seal the jars you will have to tag them to know which directions to follow for each when cooking them. So add paper tags containing the cooking directions written on it on the jars. Place the jars near the fireplace mantle so that each time you have visitors coming you can invite them to take a jar when they leave.

Tree ornaments

An idea for a rustic tree decoration is to make primitive shapes like doves with asymmetrical wings or stars with crooked arms out of raw wood.  After cutting them you can paint them or leave them raw. If you decide to apply paint on the wood use a rustic color like deep rust red, marigold yellow or eggshell white. You have to apply an antiquing treatment once the paint is dry. For the rustic effect avoid using ball ornaments, instead use pine cones and candy canes made by you.

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