Making centerpieces for the Christmas table out of Christmas decorations

When you get caught unprepared in the last minute and you need a centerpiece than you must know that unused Christmas decorations will come in very handy. Just use those decorations that you didn’t need for the tree and other ornaments and put them together in a centerpiece.


Get a hurricane vase and a Christmas wreath, and combine them by inserting the vase into the interior of the wreath making sure the vase is big enough to almost fill the interior.

2. Gather a bunch of small Christmas ball ornaments and put them into the vase.  Don’t crush them in the process.

3. Cover the tabletop lightly in tinsel icicles without over pouring.

4. On the sides of the wreath place candlesticks with candles inside but at a distance of only 6 inches away from the wreath’s side. For longer tables you can place the candles farther away or you could use more than 2 candles. For round tables you can use 4 candles all gathered around the wreath.

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