Victorian Christmas style decorations

Thinking about the Victorian period, Christmas was a very good opportunity for people to show their lavish life style. Christmas offered them the chance to create decorations in a very special style. Their ornaments used to be rich, lavish and also romantic.

Nowadays, Victorian style decorations can be bought from local stores but you will face the cost problems. So, if you really want to decorate your Christmas tree using this style, you can save your money and make your own ornaments.

First, you will have to gather your old ornaments and save all that can be reused. You will find very useful the ball-shaped ornaments because they can be decorated very well. You can also buy some inexpensive ornaments which can be decorated. You will need to look for specific paint. You will need to use Victorian colors like mauve, lavender, cream, white, sage green, burgundy and gold.

The Victorian ornaments must be manufactured using a lot of colors and glittering. They are looking like feminine objects and they can be a good solution for your Christmas design. You will need to buy ribbon, lace, bows, tassels and tulle and also satin and velvet. A very good solution is to use some old jewels and pendants.

A very good way to decorate your ornaments is to marbleize them. You will need to pour the paints on the glass ornaments and swirl them. You will need to use two or three colors for a fine marble effect. Matching ribbon and pearl paint will complete the design. Also, you can use gold, silver or pearl seed beads for clear glass ornaments. Curling ribbon can help you too.

The next step is to make your ornaments sparkle. You can draw stars, snowflakes, bells and other shapes that you want on your ornaments using the glue. You will fit them with sprinkle glitter and hangers. Also, you can create some faux sugar fruit ornaments.

For the outside of your ornaments you can also use Victorian inspired fabric. You will glue the pieces of fabric on your ornaments as you like. You can attach pearls and rhinestones and flowers for the top. Also, you can use Victorian magazine photos to match with the scene.

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