Installing Christmas dancing lights

The Christmas light display is the greatest with dancing Christmas lights. Dancing Christmas lights are a knockout for Christmas light displays. You don’t need much technical knowledge despite the impression it creates because with the use of simple kits you can do the job very easy.

You have a computer program that is controlled by a controller to which the music and lights are connected to. You will have to work more if you want many lights. If you want to get it ready out of the box than use the preset settings.

1. Use the instructions that come with the computer software to sync the lights and music once you connect the control system and computer together. You can customize the way the lights and music acts or you can use the routine preset.

2. Connect the lights and the control system together. This way you can control the music and lights using the computer, since they are connected to the controller that is connected to the computer.

3. Switch on the lights and run the computer program. The lights and music are synchronized and seem like they are dancing due to the schedule they are on.

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